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Kwik-Guard® Guardrails

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Kwik-Guard® Guardrails

Our car park safety barriers are an ideal solution for carparks, industrial facilities, and perimeter areas. The high level of shock absorption minimises the risk of barrier damage while also ensuring the guardrail’s protective function, regardless of the circumstances. Every car park safety solution we manufacture meets the 30kN impact load requirement as per AS/NZS 1170.1. Additionally, the systems are created for ease of maintenance and effortless installation.


Our carpark guardrail range consists of four product classes – from Class 1 single height guardrails to Class 4 single height guardrails with handrail and mesh.

Guardrail Comparison

Pick a Car Park Safety System

Having an extensive range of stocked items, we give you choices that address your venue’s specific safety needs. Start out with a standard 1000mm single height guardrail system and if you need to, you can easily opt for additional attachments like mesh and handrails. Get in touch to learn more about the available car park safety solutions in our portfolio.

Download the spec sheets:

Class 1

Class 3

Class 4

A Diverse Range


Versatile, strong, effortless to install and very easy to maintain in top shape, our guardrail systems are an ideal safety add-on to various venues. From carparks to industrial facilities, the Kwik-Guard® car park safety systems deliver reliability and maximum effectiveness every single time.

Multi-Story Carparks

Car Park Upgrades

Electric & Service Areas

Shopping Centre Carparks

Commuter Cark Parks

Warehouses & Pallet Racking Protection

Guard R Guardrail


Take a look at the stocked items below for a better understanding of our guardrail portfolio. Contact our team to discuss your project’s specifics and gain a better understanding of the various car park barrier options available.

  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Rail 4000mm – HDG WB-R4000-HDG
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Rail 2000mm – HDG WB-R2000-HDG
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Rail 1000mm – HDG WB-R1000-HDG
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Bullnose Terminal – HDG WB-BT-HDG
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Single Height Post – In-Ground WB-SHP-IG
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Single Height Post – with Base Plate
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Double Height Post – with Base Plate
  • Kwik-Guard® W-Beam Handrail Attachment WB-HR
  • Gal Pipe 32XL @ 6500 GP32XL65
  • M16 x 125 Gal Wedge Anchor M16125-WA
  • M16 x 50 Cup Head Bolt/Washer/Nut M1650-CH
  • M16 x 32 Cup Head Bolt/Nut (8/rail) M1632-CH
  • Guard-R W-Beam Spacer Block WB-SB
  • M16 x 40 Hex Head Bolt/Washer/Nut M1640-HH
  • Carparks

Other colours upon request


We are proud to service clients across New South Wales, Brisbane and Melbourne with our high quality products. Get in touch if you’re looking for extensive know-how, excellent customer service, and a highly secure system that will give you reliability and peace of mind in the long run.