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High Security

High Security

Trusted Suppliers of High Security Fencing in NSW, QLD, VIC

Security fencing is one of the most important elements of a secure site. By taking steps to prevent unauthorised access, you can ensure valuable equipment, tools, machinery and technology are safeguarded against theft while reducing the threat of vandalism and break-ins.

Guard-R specialise in supplying high security fencing. We have a wealth of experience supporting installations for commercial and industrial builders, federal, state and local government departments, civil contractors, road builders, schools, universities, data centres, airports and private businesses.

Premium Security Fencing Products

Regardless of your industry and security needs – whether it be for a data centre, school, government embassy, factory, prison, warehouse, data centre or commercial office – a bespoke security fence from Guard-R is an effective way to eliminate unwanted access and create peace of mind that your premises are secure.

W-Pale Palisade Fencing

When it comes to premium quality high security fencing, look no further than our W-pale palisade fencing. Made with solid steel pencil-point posts, this highly secure fence system offers exceptional durability along with an anti-climbing picket design with spaced-out pales to prevent footholds.

Meanwhile, anti-tamper shear nuts prevent pales and rails from being removed. Available in galvanised or powder-coated finishes, the cold rolled triple point W-pale fence pales ensure maximum resistance against attempted intrusions.

Customise Your Security Fencing Panels

Guard-R’s high security fencing panels can be customised to suit a variety of security needs and applications. Fencing posts can be fixed to suit your specific application, including cast-in concrete footings for landscape areas as well as base plates for concrete surfaces and side fixing for retaining walls.

Guard-R can also install high security palisade gates as part of the fencing system for convenient and secure access control.We also supply high security fencing in a variety of heights based on your needs, with a choice of 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm.

Your Security Fencing Experts

With decades of experience catering to the unique security fencing needs of government, commercial and industrial clients, Guard-R are your trusted team for easy installations. Whether your project is big or small, our experienced and certified contractors are fully-equipped to ensure your project is delivered with convenience, efficiency and to the highest standards of workmanship.

During your onsite consultation, a local installer will listen to your needs, measure the required fencing area on your premises and provide you with a quote and timeline on the job. We can also adapt your fencing installation based on your unique requirements, whether that means working after hours, within tight time-frames, in high security and sensitive areas or in high-risk environments. Our highly trained experts are ready to handle every job.

Get in Touch Today for High Security Fencing

Contact the team at Guard-R today to learn more about our process, products and how you can get started with your high security fence installation. Call us on 1300 928 135 or get in touch online for services throughout NSW, QLD and VIC.

High Security


    High Security

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