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Palisade W-Pale Fencing

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Secure Your Premises With W-Pale Palisade Fencing NSW

Guard-R’s high security W-Pale palisade fence system is built to withstand intrusions and protect sensitive installations. Ideal for a range of commercial, industrial and public space applications, this highly durable and secure steel security fencing deters and prevents access with a design that prevents climbing and cutting. Guard-R Fencing palisade fencing is available throughout Sydney and the greater New South Wales region.

Premium Steel Security Fencing

Our highly secure palisade fence system features solid steel pencil-point posts, which offer exceptional levels of strength and durability. The cold rolled triple point W-pale fence pales offer a picket design that prevents climbing while ensuring maximum resistance against attempted intrusions. It is incredibly difficult for anyone to cut through the fence or bend the bars.

Our palisade fencing designs comply with British Standard BS1722-12:2006 and are available in galvanised or powder-coated finishes. Guard-R palisade fencing is supplied in multiple heights of 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm to suit the requirements of different applications.

Prevent Access With Our Cleverly Designed Fence Pales

To prevent unauthorised access, the anti-climb fence pales are spaced in a way that eliminates footholds. Additionally, the fence is secured with anti-tamper shear nuts, providing additional security by preventing pales and rails from being removed.

Our posts can be fixed to suit your specific application, including cast-in concrete footings for landscape areas, base plates for concrete surfaces, and side fixing for retaining walls. Guard-R also offers high security palisade gates for added access control to your palisade fence system.

Palisade Fence Applications

Guard-R’s high-security palisade fence system is designed to meet the security needs of a wide range of applications. This comprehensive system offers a high level of protection and is suitable for a wide range of applications where security is of utmost importance, including:

  • Commercial premises
  • Data centres
  • Substations
  • Utility sites and depots (gas, water, electricity and telecommunications)
  • Airports and seaports
  • Mining operations
  • Embassies and other government premises
  • Prison and detention facilities
  • Emergency services (police, ambulance, fire, SES)
  • Industrial facilities

Not limited to these applications, this heavy-duty steel security fencing is ideal for any commercial, industrial or public space where a high level of security is required.

Features of Palisade Fencing Designs

With its solid steel pencil-point posts, cold-rolled triple-point W-pale pickets for strength, and pales spaced to eliminate footholds for anti-climb, this fence truly provides a reliable and effective security solution. The anti-tamper shear nuts reliably secure pails and rails, ensuring a long-term solution that ensures your security fence is not easily compromised.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team work together every day to meet the unique needs of each project. This includes working within tight time-frames, working in high security and sensitive areas, night works and high-risk environments.

Contact Us Today for a premium Palisade Fence System in Sydney

With decades of experience helping commercial, industrial and government clients, you can trust Guard-R Fencing to provide a quality security solution that meets your needs and protects your premises. Contact us today by calling 1300 928 135 or get in touch online to get started or learn more.

Palisade W-Pale Fencing

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