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Attractive and Durable Picket Field Fencing in Australia

Guard-R Fencing offers sports field fencing choices that are well-suited for safeguarding and preserving public spaces, including sports fields, cricket grounds and soccer pitches. Based in Sydney, our picket fencing solutions are available across New South Wales as well as Victoria and Queensland.

Our field fencing solutions are thoughtfully crafted to ensure high levels of security while maintaining an attractive and welcoming appearance, which is why we are the trusted supplier for so many sports clubs, venues and grounds throughout the local area. If you have any questions about our products, our knowledgeable and experienced team are always happy to guide you.

Classic Sports Field Fencing

Guard-R Fencing is an established supplier of field fencing in Sydney, with extensive experience servicing local clients as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane. Our picket field fencing is specifically developed to enclose sports fields, helping to regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic whilst also enhancing the ambiance and aesthetics of open spaces. The sleek tubular steel design of our sports field fencing retains the classic charm of a traditional wooden picket fence while providing exceptional durability and requiring minimal maintenance. It is even possible to use as an eye-catching front fence for a residential property.

Sport Field Fencing Specifications

Our standard sport field fencing structure consists of 2400mm panels with welded uprights on horizontal rails, connected to posts with proprietary security brackets and optional anti-tamper fastenings.

When securing public spaces, our white picket sport field fencing is a popular and timeless option. The fence design features spaced pickets to enable visibility while still functioning as a barrier to prevent unauthorised access. This classic design provides a charming and traditional look that complements the natural surroundings of the area.

High-Quality Materials

Using high-quality materials and coming from a highly regarded security fence supplier, you can be sure that Guard-R’s perimeter fencing solutions are constructed to last. The fencing is available in various finishes, including galvanised or powder-coated, to provide protection against rust and corrosion. We also offer customised solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the ideal solution for your needs.

Our Complete Range

Guard-R’s comprehensive range of perimeter fencing options provides a reliable solution for securing and preserving public areas like sports fields, cricket grounds, and soccer pitches. From classic white picket fences to high-security palisade fences, Guard-R has the expertise and experience to deliver a solution that satisfies the unique needs of each customer. You can buy our products with confidence, knowing that years of expertise has gone into creating a high-quality solution that is built exactly for the protection of sporting venues.

If you’re looking for a security fence supplier that you can trust, contact the team at Guard-R Fencing today and learn more about our comprehensive range of fencing options. Guard-R Fencing supplies field fencing across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, so you can also place your order today.

Picket Field Fencing

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